Friday, November 30, 2012

Oh Vessaline, why are you so mean?

This is Vessaline.


She was abused as a child and then kidnapped by faeries, whereupon she developed a taste for human flesh. That's the story, anyway.

When I started the plush Vess creation process, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to provide her with an authentic childhood mistreatment experience. What if her tiny, fluffy heart failed to wither and grow cold? The whole project would be ruined.
Luckily, I've got the right kind of friends to help me out.

My cat gnawed on her innards.
My girlfriend juggled her limbs.
She had to watch my boyfriend play Magic: The Gathering for four hours.
And now I'm eating some cereal and making CRUNCH CRUNCH SLURP noises right next to her ear.

I'll bundle Plush Vess off to meet her new faerie keeper next month. I'm sure she'll be bloodthirsty enough to please him by then.


  1. LMFAO. This post made me laugh out loud. For realsies! XD And I'm so glad that you were able to torture her! Now she is more lifelike than any drawing I've ever done (which greatly lack any childhood abuse.. Maybe I should punch the paper every time I finish a drawing?)
    I look so forward to seeing her in person!!<3 Thank you soooo much!!

    1. I still think I got the better part of our trade, but I love the image of you punching bits of paper.

      Just remember to keep her with the Seventh Son so they can have smooches and share murders and things.

  2. Lex you should start a business of making adorable plush horrors

    1. Making these dudes takes way too long to be profitable. Maybe one day I'll get quicker/better at drafting patterns, but on that day Andrew Hussie will STILL have invented the term "adorabloodthirsty" and I won't be able to honorably steal it.